5 Important Book Concepts I have learned till 2018

5 Crucial things everyone should learn.

  1. Opinions and facts are different:Adapted from: Get to the top by Suhel SethExplanation: We often confuse opinions against facts. We have all seen people who fight each other on the basis of views. This can be countered by an ‘opinion based’ approach. Facts are real. Everything else, is an opinion.

    It’s simple. Every time you get into an argument, just say “I appreciate your opinion. but I believe in mine that is…”. I read this book in 2016 and it taught me how to accept people. How to accept their views and put yours. This rule will enable you to connect with people instantly despite the differences.

  2. Be principle centered:Adapted from: 7 Habits of highly successful people by Stephen Covey.Explanation: If you lack stability, this rule is definitely for you. A principle centred approach is an approach that will make you immune to outside influences (or certainly less affected by).

    images (1).jpg
    Principle centered approach is defined by dividing your life into major sectors given above and then choosing how to respond to scenarios relating. It means putting every person or thing at their respective places and not allowing them to take over your mind. It has certainly to do alot with personality development as the more you rely on principles, the more stable and successful you are.

  3. Buy once, buy well:Adapted from: Magic of thinking big by Schwartz DavidExplanation: This rule taught me why its important to go for the right thing, even if it costs more in the short term. Money and resources, you can always get back but satisfaction takes time to come back. This is because satisfaction is a recognition of a good experience and not a resource.

    Previously, I could have gone for price specific things. I still do, but I prioritise quality and not cost. This will enable you to make good choice in life because you are seeing the worth of things and not what it takes to get them.

  4. If you’re looking to find God, find it through the ordinary – not the unordinary.Adapted from: Ten spiritual lessons I learned at the mall by James TwymanExplanation: This one is simple and incredibly impactful. If you want to see the impact of religion, look through common examples. The common examples are more powerful due to the integration of practices into the human behavior.

    Instead of looking at people who are perfect in terms of religion, try seeing those who are not. Try to observe the common behavior of a person when he is influenced by his religion. The most perfect examples you will see of normal people like us doing their jobs in a good manner.

  5. Connect without consideration:Adapted from: Get to the top by Suhel SethExplanation: Rich friends? Work friends? Meaning based friends? no. It’s time we met people and made them friends without taking a meaning for our friendship. Its time to make rich,poor,work,nonwork, social, non social and every sort of person you meet into a good friend.

    By following this approach, I am able to know both scenarios of the elite people and the mediocre people. This will enable you to work to solve problems faced by normal people because after all, you know them better.

With that, I attest that reading is an important part of your life. Infact, its more about understanding that just reading. An average CEO reads about 60 books per year, which is alot. Try reading. Try growing. Try thinking outside the box because this is how you make it disappear.

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