Born in 2000, I grew up seeing a world that did not seem to be right. There is so much more we can do as human beings yet we choose to be held back by our self requirements.Indeed, the world is becoming better but it has a lot more potential to. Overtime, I have learned to improve myself by reading and learning which assists me in my goals.

Certain prominent failures that have taken place in my life include a diverse list. From failing at competitions early on wards to being unable to lead my time, I have learned the importance of directed hard work. As long as you run after something you believe in, this gives you an edge over the future.

At age 12, I taught myself Visual Basic programming and used to give tutorials over youtube. These tutorials are still avaialble on my youtube channel. Overtime, I have learned the basics of java and python as well. From the very early onward, I grew an interest in programming and technology. I have had a plethora of experiences from using Chip (sort of raspberry pi) to creating my dad’s website. This has given me room to put myself on a stable pathway and create a technological conglomerate in the future.

As soon as college started, I had to prioritise studies over curricular activities but that did not deter me from proceeding. I gave my CAIE’s in Python (both O and A level. Apart from cedar college, no other college supports python). I owe to my parents primarily for entrusting me with the belief that I can do it.

During college, I got interested in entrepreneurship. This is what got me to participate in Entrepreneurship summits and take an interest in branding, marketing and business development. Such exposure also opened my interest to investing and creating jobs. This is what interests me to move forward and proceed.

Overtime, I have developed the habit of reading. I am a slow yet in depth reader who understands things. Since English is not my first language, I still try to comprehend the most out of the text. One of my famous book is ‘Start with why’ , through which I gained a huge exposure to technological success factors. I believe reading can really enhance a person’s vision and lead us through the hard times.

I like speaking on motivation as well. I believe every good leader needs to be able to devise an environment the people can look up to and follow. I believe in a safe environment to work and make progress. Self development is crucial to a good workplace and economy.

Philanthropy is important to me as it is the sciences of giving back to this world. This world has many problems so as leaders if we try fixing one genre of problems, this could lead to a whole next level environment.

– Muhammad bin Tanveer